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Catch-up Day

Yesterday was consumed by locusts - short staffing, a plethora of help desk calls, and four (4) (!!!!) meetings meant I had barely time for a bathroom break, let alone blogging.

Herewith, a few items of note:

A) Some people buy boats for the same reason they buy Rolex watches - to impress other people. Others buy boats to use them. Rarely do these two groups get along.

B) Smurched from jaylake, an interesting article on a woman who used to hold the record for highest freefall ever. There's also a bit of conspiracy theory at the link.

C) This article wonders just how good a reporter Bob Woodward really is.

D) Today is the last call to buy your ticket online for our Hoopsmania fundraiser. All proceeds go to the charitable endeavors of the Darien Rotary Club.

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