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Link Salad, Because Friday!

Like the label on the tin says:

A) Of interest to radio geeks (hi, jeff_duntemann!) why and how US radio stations got their call signs. (from jaylake)

B) Also from jaylake, a six-legged robot based on a lizard. The goal is to use something like this for robotic exploration of Mars.

C) A reminder that firearms have been a very stable technology for a long time. I would argue that most technology follows this pattern - rapid innovation followed by stabilization.

D) A staple of science fiction marches forward - in this case literally: robotic exoskeletons are walking this way. They are currently being developed for paralyzed individuals, but other applications are being worked on.

E) I have self-published, and may again, but Charles Stross lays out the case against self-publishing. It's mostly a matter of time and what you're good at doing.

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