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Link Salad, Build An Ark Day Edition

Here in Chicago, it's been raining for a good 24 hours, most of that in the form of downpours. If it can flood, it did. This includes the street in front of my house, which delayed my arrival to work by a couple of hours.

Many of my coworkers didn't make the effort - the parking lot at our main building was flooded as were two major interstate highways and innumerable side roads. (See, "if it can flood, it did," above.) Since I'm out of ideas, have some links instead.

1) A brief history of taxes in America, in cartoon format. (From jaylake)

2) A sad and sordid story of Canadian teens pimping out their "friends."

3) The reason we have peer-reviewed science - math error invalidates influential economic study.

4) You might live in a small country if you need an app to decide if the person you're about to have sex with is your cousin or not. Presented primarily for amusement value.

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