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Link Salad, Because Friday!

Like the label on the tin says:

A) From Charlie Stross, interesting thoughts on spies and spying. Lots of good stuff there, but one takeaway I'd like to highlight is that loyalty is a two-way street. Snowden and Bradley Manning (both under 30 years old) are from a generation where loyalty to an employer is as alien as the divine right of kings. This is largely because employers haven't shown much loyalty to their employees (Snowden, in particular, was a contractor).

B) N. K. Jemisin stirred up a pot of controversy by calling a racist a racist. Now she thinks people need to pick a side in these matters. Presented without comment.

C) From Obsidian Wings, a metaphor for Asia - my three sons.

D) From Toby Buckell, quantity leads to quality.

E) A human-interest story: Last person to get smallpox dies of malaria while working to eradicate polio. I remind the curious that eradicating polio is the major project of Rotary.


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