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Trump's Cabinet

More than a few liberals are screaming demanding that the Senate should block all of Trump's appointments. Although tempting, especially in a "payback is a bitch" way, I'm not in favor of that. Simply put, the quickest way to get rid of Trump is the 25th Amendment.

For that to work, the Vice President needs to get the votes of a majority of the Cabinet. Which means you need a Cabinet. Although I'm no fan of Rick "Goodhair" Perry as Secretary of Energy, he was a governor of a state, and I think he wouldn't be down with shooting protesters. I definitely think the Dems should hold up Trump's Supreme Court nominee, again on the "payback is a bitch" theme.

Here's my bottom line - politics requires people to play nice with each other for anything to happen. Violations of that need to be addressed.

ETA: but we're in the minority in the Senate, so we can't win every fight.


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