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A magazine you should read

The nice thing about being stuck in an airport for a few hours is you get a chance to read. Unless, of course, you like CNN Airport Edition. On my most recent trip, I got a chance to read the Summer 2006 edition of Shimmer Magazine. This little gem is only $5 for a hard copy or $3.50 for a download, and is well worth the read.

The actual magazine is a small digest format, with impeccable cover and interior design. It was packed with a collection of fantasy and SF stories. A few highlights:

- Oscar's Temple, by Stephen L. Moss, is a great read about a near-future world with aliens. The titular aliens are named for the "Oscar the Grouch" character in "Sesame Street" if that gives you a hint.

- Bluebeard, by Angela Slatter, is more of an urban fantasy story about a girl, her mother and the family that "helps" them. It's definitely not for kids, but quite gripping.

- Urban Renewal, by Tom Pendergrass, is a neat twist on the old "Woman in a Shoe" story, told in the form of memos to a corrupt mayor by various staff members. It's chuckle-inducing, so be careful where you read it.
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