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The good thing about being stuck in a plane

Is the chance to get a lot of reading done. I'm not a big mystery fan, but I took a flyer on Kate Atkinson's latest book, Case Histories.

Thanks to Kate Atkinson’s most enjoyable book, the time passed quickly. Although the book is set in modern-day Cambridge, it isn’t a “cozy” mystery at all.

The book opens in 1970, where we are introduced to the Land family, four daughters, mother and Victor Land, a not-so-famous mathematician. If the book has any faults, it’s here, because Ms. Atkinson spends twenty pages getting to the first mystery, the disappearance of three-year-old Olivia Land.

We are next introduced to two other cold cases (in a much more action-packed manner), then we meet the protagonist of the story, Jackson Brodie, former policeman and current private detective, who grew up in Scotland with a mystery of his own. He is engaged to finally close these cold cases, starting with the sudden discovery of Olivia Land’s stuffed mouse, last seen in her hands in 1970.

Ms. Atkinson has delivered a crackerjack book, well written and very engaging. Her characters are all fully-realized and quite enjoyable. You’ll find yourself rooting for Jackson and his clients.
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