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McCain and Medicaid, or Weapons of Mass Distraction

First, I heard from that liberal rag the Wall Street Journal that McCain is always for privatizing Social Security. I don't know about you, but I'm counting on Social Security as my "always safe and don't have to retire to a cardboard box" money.

Then, as I've mentioned, McCain's got this wacky plan to tax my employer-provided health care and give me a credit that might cover half of my costs.

Now, I see in yesterday's Wall Street Journal McCain's top economic adviser saying that they will cut Medicare benefits!

Of course, McCain doesn't want to talk about these issues. He'd rather discuss Obama and Bill Ayers. Say what you will about the Ayers issue, nobody has accused Obama of doing anything ethically questionable for Ayers, nor were the two men particularly close.

Unlike John McCain and Charles Keating. Keating gave McCain hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money. McCain, his wife, his kids and the babysitter took nine vacations with Keating to the later's place in the Bahamas. All vacations were on Keating's plane and Keating's dime.

At Charles Keating's request, John McCain pressured Federal regulators to stop enforcement actions against Keating's S & L, and voted against bank regulations. The S & L failed anyway, costing the taxpayers billions and wiping out over 20,000 bond holders. Keating spent time in the federal pen for bank fraud.

What did McCain learn from this? Deregulation was good - something he was advocating for the economic mess as late as May of this year.

Sources: Keating Economics
Arizona Central
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