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February 17th, 2018

Capricon Con Report

I'm here at Capricon watching the snow fly and hoping my plan to eat at the hotel's restaurant works out. I'm also recovering from a sinus infection, and I'm almost dried out, so that's a positive thing. It's wonderful what the right modern medicines can do to fix one up. It's also amazing what being sick can take out of you - I find that last week I had barely enough energy to get wor done.

Herewith, a few thoughts on my panels:

Missing the Boat - this was the panel on what to do if your predicted future doesn't come to pass. Since I don't anticipate being alive when my future comes to be, not much of a personal problem. I did put in a plug for Eric Frank Russell's novel The Wasp, which despite horribly aging technologically is a great book.

Getting Military Speculative Fiction Right - research, young grasshopper, research. That and knowing that militaries reflect the times and their histories.

The Messiah / Hero Complex - in which we agreed that we're all damned tired of some young photogenic white kid from the sticks being the Savior of Us All because reasons.

Rapid Reading - in which I read two pages of The Night Watch.

Pirates of the Asteroids - Who Owns ET Resources? - possession is nine tenths of the law.

Death of the Hero's Journey - a bit of a mishmash, in the hero's journey and the standard five-act structure overlap heavily.

Star Trek Discover vs. The Orville (the panel is tomorrow, you get a preview) - I just wish somebody involved in The Orville had actually spent some time in a military organization.

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