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April 5th, 2018

Cold Spring Update

Various items, related only by being in one mind (mine):

Item The First:

I was stuck at the car dealership. My car was diagnosed with an electrical short which was blowing out a turn signal bulb. It later turned out to be a defective replacement bulb, and was replaced at no charge under warranty. Unfortunately, Fox News was on the TV in the waiting room. I learned that:
1) Illegal immigrants are coming to murder you in your sleep
2) the House needs to know why anybody would investigate Trump
3) you should buy gold because the aged actor who's shilling it needs the money

Item the Second

On my errands today, I had need of a bathroom. So I stopped at a hotel I'm familiar with (upscale place) walked in, did my business and left. Nobody in hotel staff made any attempt to validate that I had a reason to be there. Now, I'm a white dude of a certain age and was wearing a collared shirt (international uniform of 'businessman on a travel day') but still, it's very difficult to secure public spaces.

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