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May 3rd, 2019

Check Up

I had my annual physical today. Yes I should exercise more, drop a few pounds and eat less, but the good news is that my cholesterol is down significantly. I think that's because I've changed my diet.

When I was working at the bank, I went out for lunch pretty much five days a week. Very occasionally I'd pick up a sandwich and bring it back to work or have something catered in for a meeting, but I never packed a lunch at home and brought it in. Most of the time, I went out to sit-down places. I argued that I needed the mental break.

Maybe I needed the break, but as a result I ate big lunches. Now that I'm bringing in lunches from home to work, I eat a smaller lunch. Like, a regular sandwich instead of a big sub smaller. It appears that change knocked my cholesterol down. It also saves me a few bucks - eating out can be expensive!

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