May 2nd, 2020

Me 2

Productivity During a Pandemic

There's been a lot of discussion about being productive in a pandemic. I personally have been very productive at the day job and I've been getting a lot of writing done. That's due to a couple of factors:

1) I've been lucky. My day job involves me having phone meetings with people from London to LA (literally). Working from home has been a non-event for me.

2) I'm an introvert, so the social distancing rules aren't that bothersome to me.

3) I was able to create a new routine. I get up at my usual go-to-work time, shower-shave-eat, and then go to work. The big change has been a shorter commute.

But most of this is wrapped up in item #1 - things have worked out to enable me to be productive. If things haven't worked out so nicely for you, please don't panic. Just do the best that you can and know that this too shall pass. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.