October 14th, 2020

Me 2

Nothing in his Administration will become him...

Here's a prediction about Donald Trump. Nothing in his Administration will become him like the leaving of it. (with apologies to Shakespeare)

Specifically, when he loses the election, he will whine and complain. We will hear completely unsubstantiated complaints about voter fraud. Orders will be issued on Twitter to "do something" about this fraud. Few if any people, even those that nominally work for the President, will do much. A collection of ambulance-chasing lawyers will file multiple half-baked lawsuits on Trump's behalf which will go nowhere.

A couple of nuts with guns will do nutty things with guns. Alas, people will get shot as a result of this. Hopefully very few.

At some point, Trump will suddenly pivot and start to do the bare minimum necessary to transfer power. While doing so, he will expect to be praised lavishly for doing what every American President has done. After the Inauguration and probably before whatever COVID-limited celebrations are over, he'll be Tweeting about what a bad job Biden is doing. This entry was originally posted at https://chris-gerrib.dreamwidth.org/745205.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
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