November 30th, 2020

Me 2

Elections, Brain Eaters and Rivers of Word Salad

Over the weekend, I looked at Sidney "Release the Kraken" Powell's lawsuits attempting to reverse the Georgia and Michigan elections. They are both Rivers of Word Salad, and show that the authors are fully under the thrall of the Brain Eaters.

For those not clicking through, author John Scalzi has defined The Brain Eater as a phenomenon which sometimes happens to creative types, mostly white men, who experience a shortfall between what they expect their career path to look like and what it does. These people then develop a conspiracy theory that some cabal is conspiring against them.

When asked to explain the hows and whys of this conspiracy, one gets Rivers of Word Salad. These are lengthy documents (or, God help us all, lengthy videos) full of repetitive allegations with little or no proof. The documents are surprisingly poorly edited and formatted, and should one point out the editorial flaws, the authors become very defensive. Despite the length of these manifestos, there's no index or table of contents, making it difficult to find relevant bits. Much is made of innuendo or random associations, and sourcing is extremely weak. If two people were ever at the same large conference, well then that's proof that they are linked at the hip.

As stated above, Powell's lawsuits are prime examples of this. Just one example - the lead expert for their computer hacking arguments states that his expertise comes from being trained by the 305 Military Intelligence Battalion. Well, this is the unit that trains enlisted Military Intelligence people right after boot camp. In short, the "expert" is literally a boot recruit. Clearly The Brain Eater has feasted recently. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.