September 1st, 2021

Me 2

I Can Haz Clothes Dryer and Dining Out!

I Can Haz Clothes Dryer!

As reported previously, my clothes dryer went to that Great Laundry Room in the Sky. As my washing machine was well into senior citizen territory, I replaced them both with a pair of GE models. Said models are one step up from the entry-level machines, but had all the features I needed. (I do *not* need Wi-Fi on my laundry devices!) There was a hitch on getting the dryer installed (the team didn't have a needed part) but that's been resolved.

Both machines so far function as desired. I've noticed that my washing machine does a better job extracting water during the spin cycle, which appears to decrease the drying time. I'm told that the washing machine is a high-efficiency model and will consume less water as well. We'll see.

Dining Out

I went out to lunch yesterday - a business lunch, no less. We first went to a place (mid-tier chain) only to discover they weren't open for lunch on Tuesday. We went to another mid-tier place in the same parking lot. They were only about a third occupied, but they were at least one waiter short of what was needed. Given the time it took to get our orders, I'd say that they were at least one short in the kitchen.

I've seen these staff shortages at other places. Anecdotally, one of the things that's causing the problem is child care. Until schools open (which they are just starting to) getting staff is difficult. Also, a lot of the people who used to wait tables are now driving Amazon trucks or otherwise no longer in the market. This will eventually sort itself out, but it will take a while.

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