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Link Salad, Rotary Day Edition, Take 2

Because it's a Rotary day, have some links:

A) This fellow, who's lived in Mali, says we shouldn't be intervening against the rebels there. (Passed on without endorsement.)

B) A fascinating article about the Chinese wheelbarrow, which was used for long-distance transport. Of interest to me because I could use that low-tech device in my high-tech space opera.

C) Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Pope Benedict's resignation.

D) Yet another problem with a cruise ship - Carnival Triumph dead in the water after engine room fire.

E) In relation to the LAPD manhunt for a rogue cop, pickup with innocent civilians riddled by police bullets.

F) It's from the Daily Mail, which is not the most reliable news source in the world (I read it to see which female celebrity is falling out of her clothing), I provide The Woman Sniper of Syria.


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Feb. 12th, 2013 04:46 pm (UTC)
Plan B)

That is really interesting! I did not know any of this. The magazine itself is quite interesting also!

[Every alt history buff should take an interest in alt tech. I had a story sketched out that involved a low-tech version of pumped-storage hydroelectric power, essentially a “kinetic battery.” In this case the coolie gangs labored all day “from first light to clean dark,” pumping water into the reservoir, and then at the gloaming the engineers pulled the Big Lever and shoo-oo-oom, all the streetlights came on and everyone recharged their batteries while the public-address speakers crackled out the approved war news and the Thought of the Day from Dear Leader. An hour or so later the lights browned out again and everyone went to bed. Energy: The Nile of the future, producing the Egypt of tomorrow thru Appropriate Technology.]

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