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Write For The Love Of It

People who express an interest in writing are frequently told to "write for the love of it." One man who got wealthy, or at least comfortable, on writing income, John Scalzi, took offense to that saying. With all due respect to Scalzi, he's wrong. People who say "write for the love of it" are really saying two things. Thing #1:

Very few people get rich doing something they don't love to do.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs loved working with computers. Warren Buffett likes investing. Henry Ford was a gearhead. In short, most if not all wealthy people find something they like doing and monetize it. The "write for the love of it" message also has a second part:

Just because you love doing it doesn't mean you'll make any money at it.

I like playing golf, but just ask anybody I've ever golfed with - I am not going to make any money at golf. Writing is especially problematic at making money, because it's a matter of taste. You can be a great writer, but if people don't like the stories you're writing, you won't make a lot of money.

So, write for the love of it, but keep looking for ways to make money doing it.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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