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I am not (yet) eligible to vote for the Nebulas, but I noted with interest this year's shortlist. A few thoughts, related to that award I am eligible to vote on, the Hugos:


One of my Hugo-nominated works, Glamour in Glass by the lovely Mary Robinette Kowal, is up for a Nebula. I'm really glad to see that, and I was quite impressed with the book. I also see Kim Stanley Robinson's interminable 2312 is up. As I Was Not Impressed by that book, I can only say that my tastes are not those of whomever generates the short list.

Short Fiction

I have not been reading much short fiction as of late. In fact, my Hugo nomination ballot was nearly devoid of short fiction. I am pleased to see that Jay Lake (jaylake is on for one of his stories, and I'm really glad to see a fellow Hadley Rille author up for a short in a Hadley Rille Books anthology. Apparently somebody does actually read those! ;-) (That's a joke, ericreynolds)

I do think that, were I editor of one of the "Big Three" science fiction magazines (Analog, Asimov's or Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction) I'd be rather worried. By my count, Asimov's got 3 nods, Mag of F & SF got one and Analog got zip. What exactly makes them "Big Three" anyway? It sure ain't circulation numbers.

Other Stuff

I've only seen two of the movies (Hunger Games and John Carter) and, although entertaining, I'm not sure John Carter was particularly award-worthy. I also see China Miéville got in for the YA category. I have to assume that Railsea moves along more rapidly than his usual stuff. Since the Hugos do not have a YA category, I wonder if his book getting on the Nebula list is foreshadowing the Hugo list.


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