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Link Salad, Because I Got Nothing, Take 2

Like the title says:

A) On March 7, 1932, several thousand unemployed workers marched toward Henry Ford’s River Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan. Upon reaching the complex, the city police and Ford’s armed guards, very similar entities, opened fire on the marchers, killing five and wounding more than 60. The article is 57th in a series on anti-labor violence in America.

B) If the idea of getting a transplant of somebody else's shit bothers you, worry not - a Canadian company has developed synthetic shit.

C) The War of the Pacific - the war in which Bolivia became landlocked -started in 1879. The Bolivians haven't quite gotten over it - they still have a navy.

D) An interesting little essay about how nobody knows how to make a pencil. The point being that, if you had to make a pencil starting with nothing, there's a hell of a lot of industrial effort involved. (Do you know how to make yellow paint?) It's also a nice parable for evolution - a lot of entities doing their own thing for their own purposes creating a more complex whole.

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