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Random Thoughts and Links

No Rotary today. It's the last week of the outgoing President's term, and since he had nothing of importance to do, we're just skipping it. This is good - I have an inspection on my new house this afternoon. So, in honor (?) of that, have some random randomness.

A) There are a lot of TVs and movies in which the characters are shooting guns, yet one rarely if ever sees the actors wearing hearing protection. How do said actors avoid going deaf? Even blanks make noise.

B) From Gin and Tacos, reflections on why some people are obese. Tl;dr version = for some people, eating is the highlight of their day. When I was in the Navy and the ship was underway, I was in this boat, pun intended.

C) Regarding the Snowden affair, my thoughts closely mirror those of Lawyers, Guns and Money.

D) A marker for further discussion - arguments from my opponent believes something. I find these extremely annoying.

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