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Writing Update and Three Links

I was up past my bedtime at my writer's workshop last night, so I'm dragging a bit today. The crew generally liked my re-write of Chapter 3 of Pamela's Ghost, so I shall be going to market with it soon. Meanwhile, entertain yourself with a few links.

A) I enjoyed Marko Kloos' latest book Lines of Departure. This review says all I would say.

B) A humorous video female armor sucks.

C) Here's an interesting article on male locker room culture. I have to admit I share none of the author's concerns. I played sports in grade school and high school and took PE in high school (no nude swimming - we didn't have a pool) and we "hung out" in the locker room and showers in the full Monty. It doesn't bother me, and my somewhat old-school gym still has the old locker room and open showers, which I use without much thought.

It's a useful reminder that not everybody thinks / feels the same, even in the same culture. Writers take note.

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