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Yet Another Round of Sad Puppies

So, Teresa Nielsen Hayden has heard rumors that some of the Sad Puppies will be on the Hugo ballot. She's concerned that some of the voters aren't voting what they like, but rather a political slate. Since that's what Sad Puppies accuse the rest of Hugo voters of doing, I'm not sure why they get upset about it. (Well, actually I am sure - nobody likes to be called a fraud. But the whole 'do unto others as you would have done to you' seems to be in short supply in this debate.)

At any rate, this year's leader of the charge, Brad Torgersen, dropped by the above thread and proceeded to crap all over it, then flounced out and called the Hugos a 'nail house'. (Apparently Brad doesn't know that 'nail house' comes to us from Red China.)

Brad also doesn't know that Avengers won the Hugos in 2013. I'm beginning to think there's a lot that Brad doesn't know. What he does 'know' isn't right, like the 'whisper campaign' to get Chicks Dig Time Lords a Hugo. (I know Lynne Thomas - if there had been a whisper campaign, I'd be one of the whisper-ees.)

At any rate, Brad's "take back the Hugos" rhetoric reminds me unpleasantly of the Tea Party's call to "take back my country." In both cases, I'm trying to figure out who took the article in question. It's a problem that Brad can't answer - when he's repeatedly asked why can't the 'silent majority' of fans actually buy a membership and vote, we get crickets.

I'm getting tired of this, and I suspect that we'll see changes to Hugo procedures to stymie block voting.
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