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Guns on a Rainy Thursday

I grow weary of the Sad Puppies, especially when one of them shouts from the rooftops that he's so scared he can barely whisper. The butt-hurt is strong in that one.

Harrumph. Moving on, have some links about guns. All links generated by two old guys having too much fun in retirement.

A) Cowboy pistols do penetrate targets quite nicely.

B) Another nail in the coffin of "30 caliber carbine bullets don't penetrate" rags of truth.

C) Another review of the World's Most Useless Gun, the Taurus Judge.

D) Metal doors and bullets which would be a nice name for a rock band.

E) Busting an engine block with a bullet ain't as easy as it is in the movies.
Tags: guns, sad puppies
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