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Hugo Thoughts, Down-Ballot Edition

More thoughts on this year's Hugo.

Best Fan Writer (777 nominating ballots, 265 entries, range 129-201)

Dave Freer
Amanda S. Green
Jeffro Johnson
Laura J. Mixon
Cedar Sanderson

Freer's been an ass to me, and incoherent at length to pretty much everybody, so no rocket for him. Green and Sanderson seem to not like SJWs like me, so I'll return the favor. I'm a bit reluctant to give Mixon the award for an expose. Johnson at least restricts himself to book reviews, so my ballot is Johnson and no award.

Best Fan Artist (296 nominating ballots, 198 entries, range 23-48)

In my order from first to last:
Spring Schoenhuth
Steve Stiles
Ninni Aalto
Elizabeth Leggett
Brad W. Foster

Best Semiprozine (660 nominating ballots, 100 entries, range 94-229)

From 1 to 5:
Strange Horizons
Lightspeed Magazine
Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine
Abyss & Apex

Best Fanzine (576 nominating ballots, 162 entries, range 68-208)

1) Journey Planet
2) Tangent Online SF
3) Elitist Book Reviews
4) No Award
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