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Found on the Internet and of interest

A couple of blog articles I found interesting and worth linking to.

1) In which somebody succeeds at debunking John C. Wright on science. Humorous quote: "For example if I say ‘if you hit yourself in the face with a sledgehammer you will break your face’ and you then DON’T hit yourself in the face with a sledgehammer then the fact that your face is not broken does not demonstrate the safety of hitting yourself in the face with a sledgehammer."

2) On global warming: The reason why people from all sides of politics continue to assert that anthropogenic global warming is a thing that is actually happening is because it is a hypothesis well supported by the temperature record AND in accordance with what we know about greenhouse gas emissions from our industrial activities AND our understanding of other greenhouse gases such as water vapor AND our understanding of core aspect of the physics of carbon dioxide in relation to infra-red light.

3) Terminator 2 - an example of the sweet spot of the story.


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