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Thoughts, I Have Them

Random thoughts, presented randomly:


1) I am gobsmacked to watch grown adults defend Roy Moore's love of "dating" high-school-aged girls. We went round and round about a pedophilia ring run out of the basement of a pizza place built on a slab, but now with actual evidence including being banned from the shopping mall, we get "well he's a good man" or "all his accusers are lying."

2) Given that one of the responses to this sexual allegations is to attack the victims, I am amazed that anybody would ask "why don't women report sexual attacks?" This is especially the case when, as per Roy Moore or Harvey Weinstein, the assaulter has a great deal of power.

Science Fiction

1) On The Orville I found two episodes in a row that I liked. The shipwreck episode of two weeks ago was solid, and this week's episode starring a blue-painted Rob Lowe worked nicely as well. I have to admit they are doing a good job of tying things together from multiple episodes.

2) On the other big SF show, Discovery, very nicely done.

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