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There is an area retail business which I shall not name that is being ran into the ground by the owner. It's a shame, really. The business has a good location and an adequate physical plant. (The place could use a new carpet and some paint, but there's nothing structural wrong with it.) There's no immediate competition, and a nice built-in market.

Yet they are failing. In part, this is due to a lack of consistency. They've had a series of managers and employees, resulting in wide swings in product quality and availability. The owner closed a revenue-producing section of the place for no apparent reason. What's worse, he's now kept his current hours but some of those hours have reduced services. Nothing pisses off a customer more than to walk into a place that's open but be told "we don't do X on these days."

As a result, the owner appears to be attempting to strong-arm more money out of existing customers. This attempt failed with a customer of my acquaintance, resulting in further lost business. The spiral continues downward.

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