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On Personas

For those not in the know, a gaming convention recently invited as Author Guest of Honor a science fiction writer. Said writer had, as a result of his actions (see: Sad Puppies) developed a reputation for being a jerk on-line. When some sponsors and exhibitors at said convention heard about this author's invite, they contacted the organizer, who promptly uninvited the author. A bog-standard Internet tempest in a teacup ensued. Herewith, some thoughts.

1) As Jim Hines and Wesley Chu noted, saying somebody who is a jerk on the Internet is nice in real life is not a defense. The Internet is also part of real life.

2) My addition to #2 above that is if somebody is a jerk on the Internet and nice in real life, one of those aspects is an act. Personally, I think much like in vino, veritas in Internet, truth. Basically, in person there are consequences to being a jerk, but on the Internet one can let one's flag fly.

3) As Camestros Felapton says, people who run cons are inviting guests for their public persona. A guest at a con is in fact a dancing monkey, there to entertain the crowd, and the guest's public (including Internet) persona is part of their public persona.

4) As remarked on in various places, the author and their supporters are doing no favors for their cause by whining about these events. Simply put, con-runners now have yet another reason to not invite the author.

5) Having said that, the con should have done a better job of checking on their guests. A quick Google of the author's name would have flagged the potential problems.

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