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On a Happier Note...

A few weeks back, I saw a trailer for the movie Mary Shelley. Since I'm a fan of Frankenstein and loved the book The Monsters: Mary Shelley and the Curse of Frankenstein, so I decided to make a point of watching the movie.
It's good I made a point - the movie was independently-released which means it's very hard to find in theaters. I happened to see that it was available on pay-per-view, so that's how I watched it.

The movie has no monsters in it - or at least no artificial ones. It's the story of Mary Shelley, a teenaged unwed mother who hooked up with Percy Shelley, a flaky poet, and had various problems as a result. But Mary, the child of two famous writers, desperately wanted to write herself, and she did. Frankenstein, her first novel, has themes of abandonment and death. The movie, which shows the death of her first child and her near-abandonment by Shelley, highlights how these themes came to dominate her. It's a quiet movie, but very entertaining.

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