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On Writing

I find each novel I work on is different. Some are very difficult to produce. My current work-that-I'm-trying-to-sell, Eastville, was difficult. Some of that was, as a mystery, I had to bake in clues and red herrings. Some of that was frankly I didn't have much of a mental movie of the story.

I've started another novel, working title Strawberry Creek. I wrote a small bit of it last week, a bit that's been rattling around in my brain for years. Then, last night, the rest of the story came to me. It was as if I was watching a movie play out in my head.

Now I have to write the movie, and it will definitely need editing and tweaking. For example, it spans a period from 1894 to 1986, so at some point in my future there will be a document listing who was born when and what age they were when various events occurred. But the bones of the book are in my head. Now I need to get the bones connected and fleshed out.

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