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I've been managing projects my entire professional life. In the Navy, I managed repair and operational projects. In both my civilian jobs, I managed and implemented every flavor of IT infrastructure project you can do, as well as some facilities projects. Specifically, four new branch builds, a corporate headquarters build-out and move, and two gut-level branch remodels.

However, I never got a Project Management Professional certification. My first company wanted me to get technical certifications and my second company didn't place much value in certifications. They just wanted the job to get done. In my current career search, I've discovered that a lack of certifications is a problem. Simply put, many Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) packages screen my resume out.

So, getting a certificate would be helpful. Fortunately, I've found out about a program called Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). This is a Federally-funded program to get money to pay for career training. I've started the pipeline, and so far it appears I'll get the funding I need to get this certification (and others) in the near future. It appears to be a straight-forward program, and one of the best-kept secrets around.

If this is something you might want, visit https://www.illinoisworknet.com/WIOA for details.

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