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Post-election thoughts

Although I'd have been happier if the Democrats had won a few more seats, maybe even picking up a Senate seat or two, I am pleased to see that they performed as well as the polling predicted. Winning the House is a big deal and a positive development.

In the meantime, I am struck by how much the Sad Puppies affair was a preview in miniature of the Trump era. Then and now, we had triumphant Angry White Males proclaiming their perpetual victory, then when said victory proved illusive, claiming fraud, trickery or general bad conduct. In both cases, the losers then, rather then re-evaluating their position in light of reality, decided to angrily stomp off with promises to be back but with more anger. I remain amazed by the strength of the reality-blocking field employed by some groups.

In the Sad Puppies book, the Revenge of the Sad Puppies proved to be a fizzle, not a firecracker. The jury is yet out on Trump, but at least in my heart hope springs eternal. One of the keys to what success was obtained by both Puppies and Trump was to be underestimated and/or unsuspected by their opponents. Once bitten twice shy seems to be more than just an old saying.

Onward and upward.

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