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I'm Back!

I've started a new job, which has made for a hectic few weeks. I'm posting this on my lunch break, and it will be a bit random.

A) The new job is just north of O'Hare airport. And by "just north" I mean our parking lot backs onto the back fence of O'Hare. The air traffic control radar tower is in our parking lot. That means a longer commute for me. In order to minimize the traffic rush, I've been leaving Darien at 6:30 AM and packing in a lunch. That gets me out before SOME of the afternoon rush.

B) In regards to packing in a lunch, I was never a fan of it before. Partially because my job was stressful and hectic enough on most days that I needed the break of going out. This gig is not an operational or managerial position, so I don't need the break. I'm also hopeful that packing food in means I can open a new front in my perpetual Battle of the Bulge(ing Gut). We'll see.

C) Over the weekend I finished the new book Astounding by Alec Nevala-Lee. It's a biography of John W. Campbell and covers some of his go-to authors, including Issac Asimov and L. Ron Hubbard. Oh, and some guy named Bob Heinlein. Very interesting read.

That should be enough content for now.

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