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Schedule of Events, 2019

As discussed previously, I have been less-than-enthusiastic about attending this year's Worldcon in Dublin. Well, my lack of enthusiasm has led to a decision. I will not be attending Worldcon. I will, in fact, be donating my attending membership to the Fantastic Dublin Fund, which is attempting to get a more diverse group of attendees to Worldcon. Since cons in general need less fat white middle-aged guys, it's a fair trade.

Having freed that time and money commitment up, I will be attending two cons in the US. First, I'll be going back to ConQuest 50 in Kansas City over Memorial Day. I took the last two years off from that con. There were a variety of reasons, including budget and a bit of over-exposure as a result of the 2016 Worldcon in KC. In any event, it's time to go back.

The other con I've decided to attend is NASFIC AKA Westercon AKA Spikecon, to be held in Layton Utah July 4-7. I suspect I'll get to both of these events for about the same money as I would spend on Worldcon in Dublin.

I'll also be able to accumulate miles and money for New Zealand 2020. That's going to be a long trip, and if I'm going Down Under I'll be spending more time down there than a long weekend in a convention.

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