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Infrastructure Week

A few weeks ago, the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate stated publicly that they were willing to meet with and work with President Trump to pass an infrastructure bill. IIRC, the figure $2 trillion in spending was bantered about. This is of course after Trump spent his campaign and the first two years of his term promising a bill to rebuild America was coming out Real Soon Now.

When the talk of the Democrats working with Trump on anything was floated, various pundits stated that giving Trump any sort of political "win" was dangerous. I always found this stance problematic, since we really do need to run the country.

Comes news this morning that Trump cancelled a meeting with Democratic leadership to make a speech in the Rose Garden. The gist of his speech was that Democrats need to choose between “investigation” or “investment”.

Color me unsurprised. Trump is simply not capable of making a deal. His idea of a "deal" is "you do whatever I want." Nor was this a spontaneous outburst - the podium had a sign with anti-Mueller verbiage on it that took at least a few hours to make. So much for "infrastructure week."

The bottom line is that there is no downside to trying to work with Trump on a deal for anything. He'll either get rolled or blow it up. Either way, it's all "good" for certain values of good.

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