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Movie Update

Due to a snowstorm on Saturday night, I stayed in. The storm wasn't as bad as it was advertised, but it was still cold, wet and windy. For entertainment, I watched two movies I had wanted to see via the wonders of pay-per-view. Herewith are my thoughts.

The Nightingale: Rather a lot of rape in this one and a collection of really unpleasant characters. The story is set in Tasmania in the 1820s during what was called the "Black War" when European settlers were trying (and generally succeeding) in wiping out the Aboriginals of that island. The title role is played by a young Irish actor and she's an indentured servant (read "slave") of a rather nasty British Army officer. Bad things happen which prompt her to take revenge. There's a bit where our lead character makes a to-me inexplicable decision, which generally put me off of the whole story. I found it merely okay overall.

Miss Bala: "Bala" is Spanish for "bullet" and the bullets do fly in this one. Our heroine is an American makeup artist from Mexico who goes to Tijuana to visit a friend. When the bullets fly, she ends up becoming a pawn in a war between the DEA and a Mexican gang. I found this very believable and interesting. This I highly recommend.

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