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My Schedule for Capricon

Herewith please find my schedule for Capricon 40, to be held in lovely downtown Wheeling Ill from February 13th to 16th.

O Captain, My Captain Ravinia B Fan Interest Panel Thu 6:30 PM Duration: 01:30
Join us as we recognize women in roles of leadership in SF/F. Captain Janeway, Commander Ivanova (who is ALWAYS right), Captain Marvel, Admiral Honor Harrington, and Captain "Starbuck" Thrace demonstrate that it's not strictly a "boy's club" anymore. Who are your favorite women in leadership roles in SF/F? Your inspirations?

Indie Author Speed Dating River C Literature Participatory Event Fri 5:30 PM Duration: 01:30
In this session you'll have a chance to briefly meet and chat with a plethora of indie authors. Discover your next great read!

Reading: Donna Munro & Chris Gerrib River C Reading Reading Sat 10:45 AM Duration: 00:45
Description Donna Munro & Chris Gerrib read from their works. (Telecoil-enabled event)

Pirates are Not Just in the Caribbean Botanic A Theme Panel Sat 2:30 PM Duration: 01:30
Description Captain Dan Seavey stole lumber, alcohol and even whole ships right in Lake Michigan. Piracy was a global phenomenon that persists to this day. Our panelists discuss the past and future of global piracy. Why do we romanticize historical pirates, who were often really vicious bad guys? What does modern day piracy say about the socioeconomic impacts of the world we live in? Is climate change playing a role?

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