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Capricon 41 - My first virtual con

I will be attending and on programming at Capricon 41, to be held this year virtually on February 4 - 7, 2021. You can attend from the comfort of your Internet-enabled device for free (registration required). Herewith is my schedule:

These Pirates Are Made for Space Ravinia Literature Panel Fri 9:00 AM Duration: 01:00

Description: Science fiction and the pirate story have gone hand-in-hand since its earliest days. Old school tales translated the classic sea piracy tale into space. But what other kinds of pirate stories are being told in the speculative worlds of science fiction? New and old, this panel will explore how science fiction continues to re-imagine the pirate tale!

Reading: Chris Gerrib Birch Sat 10:30 AM Duration: 00:30

Description: Chris Gerrib reads from his work.

Planned Futures vs. Evolving Futures Willow Theme Panel Sat 12:00 PM Duration: 01:00
Description: Foreseeing the future is notoriously tricky. The pioneers of cellphone technology thought they were creating wireless telephones, not networked pocket computers. Attempts to dictate the future have been even less reliable. When trying to create the future, should we try to plan it in detail, or is it better to give things a few nudges in (we hope) the right direction, and wait and see what evolves? This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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