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Baen's Bar and Series in Fiction

Baen's Bar

There is an ongoing brouhaha about people in the online forum Baen's Bar. More than a few posts are of people calling for violence in support of their right-wing politics. Given the recent insurrection at the Capitol, these types of remarks are getting more attention. Sadly, I find my give-a-damn is busted. These posts only happen on days that end in -y, and have been ongoing for years. Any blame that attaches to Baen Books and editor Toni Weisskopf attached years ago.

Series in Fiction

I mentioned that I stopped reading Rachel Caine's latest (and alas last) series after book 3. This got me thinking about series in general. At the end of any book or movie, what happens next is practically unlimited. People who enjoyed the work can imagine almost anything. However, each follow-on work involves authorial decisions. These decisions limit the possibilities, and sometimes that limit means people will drop off.

Even series that hit the reset button have this problem. I recently watched Season 1 of the TV show "LA's Finest." At the end of the season, they hit the reset button. Season 2 is sitting on my Netflix and will probably not be watched. In short, change and lack of change can cause people to abandon a series.

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