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Promising Young Woman

Last night I watched the new movie Promising Young Woman on pay-per-view. I did so because the star, Carey Mulligan, was on CBS Sunday Morning this week. She said the movie had been criticized because her character was too harsh. I watched the movie and disagree, but I understand why the statement was made.

Promising Young Woman is a basic revenge plot. As such plots go, the body count is very low. The revenge is (mostly) mental and morally justified. What's interesting about the movie is what it's not. It's not a standard B-movie. It's intended to take a serious look at a problem (date rape). It's also shot in very bright and well-lit scenes - again the exact opposite of the B-movie convention.

I think by avoiding the cartoonish violence levels of the typical revenge movie it forced a deeper examination of justice vs. revenge. I highly recommend the movie.

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