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Israel and Hamas

As the author Patrick S. Tomlinson ([profile] stealthygeek) said, Hamas and the current Israeli government need each other. Hamas needs Israel to bomb them, thus proving Hamas is needed and providing an excuse for the lack of services provided by Hamas. The current Israeli government needs Hamas to provide cover for West Bank settlements and Netanyahu's corruption scandals.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. We've been trying to get peace talks moving while funding the Israeli military for decades. We're not getting different results. We should phase out funding of Israel's military.

We can do that without jeopardizing Israel's security. Egypt and Jordan aren't interested in attacking, while Saudi Arabia's not interested in funding a war. Syria is too fucked up to invade anybody and will be for a while, and Iran (or Russia, for that matter) lack the expeditionary capacity to attack. Even if they do get a wild hair and decide to attack, we can easily shut them down.

I don't know if our withdrawal of support will change the situation in Israel or not. But what we're doing now is clearly not working, so a change is called for.

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