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Windycon 2021

I will be attending Windycon in person this year and I am on programming. I am told programming is more limited than usual due to social distancing requirements and the need to provide an Internet feed to people not attending in person. The event will happen at the Lombard Westin from November 12 to 14th and can also be viewed online. Herewith is my schedule:

Saturday 11/13 - 10 AM

Lilac B/D - Readings
(Part of a group of 4)

Saturday 11/13 - 2 PM

Junior B/C - Hugo Awards Discussion

A discussion of the 2021 Hugo Awards! Who was nominated, who should have been nominated, who should win? Strong opinions welcome!

Sunday 11/14 - Noon

Junior A - Climate Change is Optional

How can we keep our planet inhabitable using the technology that we already have? Our panelists discuss.

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