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Love and Cooking during COVID

The F Word (Love in the Age of Covid Book 2)The F Word by Mindy Klasky

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not typically a romance reader, but I read the previous book in the series largely because I found the concept intriguing. How do you do romance during a plague? Well, the answer is "very carefully." As you can tell from the title, this is Book 2 of a series, however you don't need to have read Book 1 to follow along. Jennifer Price, one of our protagonists, was in Book 1 but was a minor character. Nothing about what she did in that book is "need to know" for this book.

The story opens with Jen having a burning need to be at a certain slice of North Carolina beach on Christmas Eve. COVID and a reality TV show looking for a safe bubble to film in get in the way. She was definitely NOT looking for love - just access. However, this being a romance, love finds her. In another structural tie-in to the previous book, both protagonists (Jen and celebrity chef Noah Ryan have secrets which get in the way.

This book was an amusing and quick read as well as a reminder of our immediate past. I am looking forward to The B Word, Book 3 of the series.

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