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Don't Give Stupid People Guns

I am opposed to giving stupid people guns. Over the weekend, a pair of wealthy lawyers became yet another set of poster children for this premise. The pair of them came out of their house with guns to "protect" said house from a mob. Thoughts:

1) All indications were that this "mob" was no more dangerous than the crowd at the midway of your local fair.
2) If, however, one feels threatened by a mob, one should not stand in such a place that mob members can easily lob bricks at your head. Stand inside your house by an open window - much harder to be seen or hit.
3) Should the tactical situation require you to be visible to the mob, avoid verbally engaging individual mob members. While you're arguing with Mob Member #1 and distracted, Mob Member #2 can be up to no good.
4) If you have time to get your gun, you have time to put on shoes. Should matters go kinetic, the ground will quickly get covered in debris.
5) Our pair of defenders, the Straight Out of Applebee's Kids, felt they were "defending the Bastille." Given that the defenders of the Bastille lost, one should have a plan to retreat if need be. Again, shoes would be helpful.

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Guns, Fictional and Real

Guns, Fictional

One of the writers I follow, Tanya Huff, recently released a new book A Peace Divided. It's pseudo Mil-SF, in that the lead characters are ex-military who serve as a SWAT team for the interstellar police. It's an entertaining read.

However, in Huff's fictional world, civilians are completely disarmed. I've had issues with that before, in that a society that can repair toasters can make guns. Here, she's gone to even more extremes - her ex-military types literally do not have the word "pistol" in their vocabulary! All guns are long guns. I like the story, but this I don't buy.

Guns, Real

Readers of this blog know that I recently purchased a Ruger LCR. This "light carry revolver" is, as advertised, light. With full-power .38 ammunition, it's frankly painful to shoot. At my dad's recommendation, I purchased some Hornady Critical Defense bullets. These have lighter recoil and are designed for light carry guns. I shot some last night. My LCR still bounces, but it's gone from painful to unpleasant.

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Breaking Radio Silence

I've fallen off the wagon of daily posts here. This week the main reason was my getting sick on Wednesday, which put the whole week in a tailspin. In any event, I shall try to do better.

Since they've accumulated, have some links:

1) My radio interview is up for a re-run. Visit The Author's Show.

2) An interesting two-part history of one of the most popular cartridges in history, the .38 special. Part 1 and Part 2.

3) Cora Buhlert on false memories.

4) Some pretty pictures: Equihen Plage: The Village of Inverted Boat Houses.

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Ruger LCR

I discussed this on Facebook but not here, so I'll do a bit of recycling. Over Thanksgiving, I bought a Ruger LCR pistol. The "LCR" stands for "Light Carry Revolver" and it is exactly what the label promises, a light revolver. It's aluminum frame and I got the hammerless version, so it will fit neatly in and come out of a pocket.

Over the Christmas Holiday That Was I took it out to the local range and fired it. The gun does in fact go bang and it's as accurate as any weapon with a 2 inch barrel has a right to be. 90% of self-defense shooting is inside 25 feet, and at that range any misses will be due to operator error, not the gun.

I will say it's not a pleasant gun to shoot. Recoil, even with standard target loads, is unpleasant, and I shot a few +P hollow-point rounds through the weapon (Article on what +P means). That really caused the gun to bite back! Having said that, I bought this gun as a "use in case of emergency" weapon, and for the limited amount of practice-firing I do I can handle the recoil.

In short, a useful addition to my collection.
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Not That I Really Needed One But...

I went home over the Thanksgiving weekend, where much food was eaten. Dad and I shot skeet on Friday, and on Saturday went to a gun show. I really didn't need to buy anything, but I talked myself into picking up a Ruger LCR. Thanks to the weirdness of Illinois gun law, I won't have it for a few days, but it's mine.

Simply put, I realized that in the unlikely event I need to carry a gun, it will be an improvised situation and I won't be able to "dress around my gun," so small is better.
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Three For Friday

In order not to be "all Trump, all the time" herewith are three links of interest.

A) Via the fascinating show Air Disasters I got the full story on Helios Airways Flight 522. This is the flight where, due to a cabin pressurization failure, all passengers and crew were killed. Of especial note is that one of the flight attendants attempted to save the plane but waited an extremely long amount of time before doing so.

B) Actor Mike Rowe, who's made a name for himself as the star of TV's Dirty Jobs reality show, has interesting thoughts on who should or should not vote.

C) I have to admit a personal preference for revolvers. Having said that, I found this article recommending that the USAF use revolvers as their service pistol interesting.
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The Things You Learn at Writer's Workshop

My writer's workshop held their monthly meeting last night. As a result of a discussion of a plot point in my book, I asked the five attendees "if a gun fell in your lap, could you get bullets for it?" All five said yes, even though only two of them had FOID cards, which are legally required in Illinois to own firearms or ammunition.

Back to the drawing board on that plot point. And this, folks, is why you should have a writer's group.
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Guns, Three Thoughts On

Long-time readers know I own guns, and am in general interested in their use for defensive purposes. I am also interested in keeping guns out of the hands of crooks and crazy people, but that's another post. In any event, here's three thoughts on gun ownership.

Thought #1

Just because some stranger is in your house doesn't mean you can shoot them. The author, a long-serving police officer, recounts a number of cases of finding drunks, Alzheimer's patients or "several unknown young men drinking the beer in his fridge. His college-aged son thought dad would be away on vacation another day and had given his buddies keys to the house so they could use it for a party spot."

Thought #2

Sometimes life is out of your control. The author walked out of the shower with nothing but a towel to find two strange women in her house. They were teachers, let in (against specific instructions) by the homeowner's then 4-year-old son. Another moral: "This goes to illustrate that if you are weighing the safety of yourself or your family on the understanding and application of instruction on a young child you are making a gamble with your life and the lives of your family members."

Thought #3

Clear communication in high-stress situations is important. Think about what you're going to say and do before you have to say and do it.
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Guns, Carrying Of

Over the weekend, I took my concealed carry course via Roy and Company in a nearby suburb. I have no immediate intentions to carry a gun. However, concealed carry permits are much like parachutes - if you ever need one, you need it right away and don't have time to go shopping for it. Due to the wide variation in state licensing standards and reciprocity, I took a multi-state class, which included training for Utah and Florida non-resident permits. The three of them give the broadest coverage available.

The class itself was underwhelming. The two old fogies teaching it were knowledgeable, although I had to put up with more than a little political BS. (Did you know that the Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job?) Since I was there to get training, not argue politics, I kept my mouth shut. There were only six of us, so it was a quick class.

The Illinois statute is poorly-written, with several clear cut-and-paste errors, and can be contradictory. All the contradictions were pointed out as proof of Madigan's conspiracy against gun-owners as opposed to errors, but again, not there for the politics. Illinois, unique among concealed carry states, requires one to actually shoot a weapon. This does not have to be the weapon one plans on carrying.

This class provided all materials needed, from pens and paper to a gun and bullets. We shot a small-frame .22 semi-auto. It was the same size as and mechanically functioned like a typical concealed carry 9 MM, just chambered in .22. I (and the rest of the class) had no problem scoring enough hits to pass the test. Now my task is to assemble all the various applications, pictures and related paperwork and send it off to the correct locations.
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Various Thoughts, Vacation Edition

I'm on vacation, not in a coma, so I do have thoughts. Herewith are a few:

1) Comes news that a woman in Texas who made at least a side job of being armed and talking about it got shot in the back by her 4-year-old with her own gun. (Google it if you need to.) Here is Land Gerrib, 4-year-olds and guns do not mix, full stop.

2) Hilton Head Island is pretty. It's also nuts to drive in. Whomever laid out the roads has a near-vampiric allergy to right angles, and they don't believe in streetlights, even at major intersections. Add to that the local signage laws are "small and discreet" and that 90% of what you're looking for is in a shopping mall, finding stuff is Right Hard. (as opposed to Left hard, or whatever.)

3) I am not good at just "hanging out." I had a 30-minute argument with myself before I gave myself permission to do what most people do on vacation, namely hang out at the pool and read a book. I've also rode a bike up and down the beach, done some editing, caught a movie and relaxed.