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Qanon and Millerites, the Neverending Saga

On one of the right-wing blogs I read (carefully, lest the smell get on me) I learn that another "organization" has the goods on the Election That Was. It's your typical stuff - statistics, sworn statements, threats to unveil everything unless people do the right thing, Random Acts of Capitalization.

I've been wondering how the New Millerites movement that is Trump Won (tm) will end. Apparently, the answer is that it will become another "fact" like the "fact" that Vince Foster was murdered.

Unfortunately, this concept will make it harder for Republicans to win elections, thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. It will also create more foot soldiers for assaults on democracy like what we saw on January 6th.

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Qanon, the new Millerites

I suspect most people have heard of the Qanon movement. This is a group of people that believe Donald Trump is in a secret war against a legion of pedophiles who are in various high-ranking government and business posts. The Qanons expect that Trump will any day now launch massive arrests and bring down the whole business.

Back in the 1840s, there was a religious movement led by a man named Miller (hence the "name Millerite) that believed the world would end on one of several dates in the mid-1840s. Obviously, the world did not end, leading to the Great Disappointment. I suspect something similar is forthcoming regarding Qanon.

Simply put, reality is like gravity; it never quits and it always wins in the end. There are pedophiles, but there is no organized legion of them, and nor is Trump especially focused on the problems of pedophilia or sex trafficking. When Trump leaves office and there are no mass arrests, this will become obvious. Millerism eventually morphed into Seventh-Day Adventism. I have no idea what Qanon will morph into. This entry was originally posted at https://chris-gerrib.dreamwidth.org/745476.html. Please comment there using OpenID.